How to Manage Time by Prioritizing New and Old Commitments

How to manage time? Most people are frustrated managing their limited resource of time. Demanding work schedules put a strain on the activities and relationships in our personal lives making it harder to focus on the things that are most important to us.

People are stressed out because they take on too many things without thinking about the time commitment of the new things in relation to existing schedules. Having no time budget is like spending more money than you make.

Over spenders usually do so without knowing it which leads to borrowing on credit cards and more anxiety. Some easy techniques will help so you don’t feel the same way about time.

The next time you want to take on a commitment ask enough questions to know what the activities are, when they take place and how much time it takes. Also be clear about whether you are committing to something in perpetuity or if there is a specific end date like a two-year term.

Consider all the emails, phone calls, meetings and responsibilities. Summarize the total time required including any specific times that may cause a conflict. Always add additional time for the unknown because even with the best planning you never know how much time things take until you actually start doing them.

A good time manager knows that things always take longer than you estimate. The total time may surprise you after adding in 25% to 50% for the unknown. An otherwise high-value commitment may require too much time.

Start prioritizing the new commitment by matching it against your current schedule and asking the following questions. Does it fit? Will you be stretched thin in other areas? Will you have to give less to other important roles? What value will this new role provide in your life?

Most people don’t have huge unfilled gaps in their schedule and something will likely suffer. If you choose to take on something new then one of the best tips for time management is to give something else up.
These questions will help you determine what to give up. Is there something no longer providing value to you? Is another commitment about to end anyway? Is it no longer in line with your core values?

In addition tally the current time commitment you are giving up and compare it to the estimated time of the new commitment to see if you need to allocate more time.

How to manage time is simple as fully understanding the time needed for new commitments and finding something to give up in the process. You won’t overspend your time or be stressed out.

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