How to Manage Time on Social Media

Social media may be a blogger’s best friend when it comes to the promotion of the blog. As social media is a world that never sleeps, however, the best of friends usually cause mismanagement of time as a result of which other important tasks are left undone. The biggest disadvantage of social media is probably the fact that it causes us to waste a lot of time. At times, I feel like there should be a legal ban on the number of hours one uses Facebook as it is highly addictive and one simply cannot leave Facebook unchecked for more than a few hours. Today I will be talking about how you can effectively manage your time on social media sites so that you never have to feel bad about wasting yet another day on these websites.

Set your time for these sites

I simply cannot go without checking my Facebook every few minutes simply because there might be a new notification for me to check. What this does is that it diverts my attention from whatever I am doing every few minutes. If I can write something in 20 minutes Facebook takes the process to well over 40 minutes. Most of us face the same issue. In order to deal with this issue, one needs to allocate fixed times to all these social networking websites. Use this time to answer any queries and to promote your latest stuff. This actually works as a great time saving tool!

Do not wait till the last minute to write your status updates

If you are promoting something via a Facebook page, you need to be interactive. In order to be interactive, you need to constantly update your Facebook statuses. However, when trying to update something meaningful and useful, one often wastes a lot of time. In order to avoid this loss of time, write down your status updates well in advance.

Scheduling helps

Did you know that there are a number of softwares that allow you to update your status without even logging in; they do it for you! Yes, and this is one of the best ways to save time.

Other softwares help too!

There are many other types of software that you can use that allow you t post whatever you post on multiple platforms. This way, you manage to save time.

Build valuable connections

Once you build loyal and valuable connections, they will start following you. This will reduce the need for you to post something on various platforms as wherever you post, your fans will get notifications.

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