The Small Important Steps Of Time Management

The Small Important Steps Of Time Management

We have to go through many stations to reach the final destination.

Reaching each station is also important, as with the reaching of each station we are closer to our target.

When we talk about time management we should keep both short term goals and long term goals in mind.
If you are focusing only on the big goal while making a time management scheme, then you better sit down and review your time management scheme, plans and actions.

You need to be logical and analyze each and every step needed to achieve you goal. Each and every step then should be defined and timed realistically.

Ideally, the steps or short-term goals should be broken into as many small steps or sub-goals as possible, needed to achieve the short-term goal. This will make your goals very clear and at the same time will make achieving your long-term goal seem reachable.

To get to your ultimate goal you need to strive everyday. There may be times when you would feel that you are going to fail but if you have the determination and the passion – just keep going on. Stand firmly on what you believe in, keep achieving your short goals and you will find that the target is right in front of you. Just a few more determined steps and you would be able to smell the sweet smell of success.

Its not that you cannot stop in the middle of it and take a break. You can take a break but make sure that this is a purposeful break and that after this you would be able to be on track with a renewed zeal.

Time management may be tricky but if the target is always in your mind and your focus is on the road leading to it, then your task is simple- just follow your mind.

While laying out your plans, you need to visualize each and every aspect, envisaging any hurdles, which could delay or derail your progress.

Now that you know your goal requirements and that you have taken care of all aspects and anticipated obstacles, let the journey begin with your eyes on the final objective.

When you are planning to be a leader in your business category, then apart from achieving other goals like finance, marketing, distribution etc., there is one important factor to be considered is Competition. This one factor alone can topple all your plans.

Competition will affect all your plans and has to be considered, in order to make you time management plan successful. You need to be alert and be in touch with the things going around. Your plans also need to adept according to the market situation. Due to competition, the final price may go lower and now your plan should be robust enough to withstand the sudden fall in your margin.

You need to consider the increase in the cost of all inputs as well as the possibility of selling your final product at lower margins to stay in the competition.

Your plans have to be realistic and should have considered the future increase in overheads of your business as well as increase of your family expenses.

When you are defining and scheduling your goals, you need to define them from your perspective i.e. keeping your abilities and skills in your mind.

If you or any of your staff have to undergo any skill or education enhancement to fulfill your aim, this will increase your expenses. This will also have a bearing on time. All this have to be accounted for in your business plan sketch. All this will be compensated by increase in productivity and you would be well on the road to victory.

So remember without conquering smaller hills and mountains a Mount Everest expedition can not be accomplished successfully.

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